About Us


Originally this was going to be some long-winded blurb about how awesome we are and how we’d love to work with you, however I’m re-writing this opening statement as I feel that I have something important to say, so here it is.

There are a lot of companies out there from service companies that send you apprentices or journeyman plumbers that have no experience, or contractors that try to bid low and charge through the teeth later. How are you the customer to know that the service technician they sent you isn’t trained properly or hasn’t gone to school? Or worse be told that your reno is $15,000 then told later that it’s $25,000?

The reason? It’s become a race for the bottom dollar; the cheapest bid is what everybody wants. Everybody wants the lowest price to do a job that is usually worth 20-30% more then complains that it wasn’t done properly. I can save you the time if you’re looking for that as we’re not that company and to be completely honest we can’t ever be that for you. Not only do economics play a role in that decision but also the values of the company.

We’re not prepared to lie to you to gain your business even if it costs us the work. We don’t hire inexperienced plumbers or apprentices or anybody that we wouldn’t want to work on our own homes, and to that end we pay them a good wage, so they feel like they have a home and they can afford to support their families in turn.

As the person that must answer to you and to my staff, I’m the one accountable for the job and to be honest, I’d rather give up the work than quote low, then do what seems to be the norm right now and charge you extra for all the things that should have been included for the right price.

I believe that my experience in the trades, from building $100+ million-euro facilities to million-dollar homes, along with my senior staff’s experience reflects our pricing being where it should be. Yes, you will always be able to get cheaper, and yes you will get what you pay for time and time again. We would love your business and we mean that, but not based on a price that isn’t realistic for the work required.

There are two values we strive to maintain in the company; the first of those is to work towards creating a better society be it through donations, the Shriners, or by helping employ others. The second is to treat and reward people for their actions and work ethic and allow the people that work for us to feel that they are a part of the company and we’ll promote them rather than hiring outside of the company. Each one of our journeyman plumbers have the option to step up and start learning the role and job of foreman and we promote the chance to excel.

Our staff are considered family, my young kids address the guys as “uncle”, and I honestly believe that is this why we have become successful. Customers, both our commercial clients and our custom home clients have commented on how well we all work together, so it must be working.

If you have questions or would like a quotation, please feel free to contact us directly.

Adrian Simpson
Operations Manager
 S&C Mechanical Systems Ltd.