About Us


Originally this was going to be some long-winded blurb about how awesome we are and how we’d love to work with you, however I’m re-writing this opening statement as I feel that I have something important to say, so here it is.

I started this company in 2015 with two journeymen a truck and a will to be something different as I’d worked for some of the larger mechanical companies in BC. With that in mind and what I believed to be a new way to find and manage staff, we now employee 20+ staff in 3 divisions with 9+ vehicles and have a excellent staff retention. In that we believe our company model works and gives us the ability to grow.

In 2016 I brought on a partner, Daniel Mayne. A 20 year veteran of the mechanical industry locally and an exceptional asset to a growing company. In March of 2018 we acquired a smaller service company which brought another group of skilled tradesman on-board for service and ground work operations. Curtis Fong, who owned the company is now a partner in S&C Mechanical and another amazing asset to the company.

As we are a local company we have the ability to staff sites from 1 to 20 staff on short notice. This has worked to our advantage in manning both low rise and high rise staffing pushes without issue which in this current climate of qualified staff shortages sets us apart from the regular mechanical contractors.

It is our belief that companies will at some point realize that there has to be people willing to stand behind their staff and product that they sell and that’s S&C Mechanical. We believe in what we do, what we stand for and support our staff in their growth and well being.

The S&C Management Team Are:

Adrian Simpson: Operations, Residential Estimating

Adrian, the founder of S&C comes from 17 years of mechanical/Heavy Industrial/Commercial work locally and aboard. He is a licensed plumber/fitter and holds a M.Eng which is currently being accredited in BC. After working for larger companies like Jeda, Tap Roots and Phase as a foreman and superintendent he believed that he could build something better not only for the GC’s but for staff as well. As a veteran he believes in leading from the front and supporting his field staff. 

Daniel Mayne: Estimating & Project Management

As the other partner, with 6 years of mechanical designer background and 15 years’ project managing and estimating, Daniel brings to S&C Mechanical the knowledge and expertise in the industry. Specializing in Commercial new and retrofit construction and tenant fit outs. Daniel believes in providing cost efficient and outstanding customer service in his projects.

Curtis Fong: Service & Logistics

As the newest partner of the company, he brings 10 years of service expertise to the team. Specializing in ground work, renovations and problem solving. Prior to S&C Mechanical, he owned and operated Cteam plumbing and drainage. He enjoys providing the best possible service and quality work going above and beyond, piping for the future.

In closing, thank you for reading this and getting to know a little more about us than just some flashy pictures. We’re here for your mechanical and service needs and are willing to work alongside you to fulfill your companies needs.


The S&C Management Team